New client: Kante Scharf - Ski-Service

Sigi Rumpfhuber

In the past years, the city of Salzburg and its surrounding area was lacking a high-quality service shop for ski-/board-service as existing sports retailers no longer offer in-house service or tuning.

Kante Scharf was established in November 2016 to fill this gap and offer a new - fully individual - approach to ski-service. Instead of working with standardized service-packages, each ski/board and its condition is assessed individually. Along with potential personal service requests of the customer, individual service steps are defined. The customer thus only pays for what is really needed (or additionally requested). 

The entire shop staff has profound ski racing background, so professional race ski preps are available.

In addition to the full range of manual and machine-made service and tuning offers, Kante Scharf is Austria's first and only SWIX Racing Center, with all racing and tuning supplies always on stock.

Customers can also have bindings mounted and checked. 

Last but not least, rental service for premium alpine and touring skis is offered.


Exolite is involved in all stages of the shop opening and ongoing shop management, from service offer- and pricing-conceptualization to staff training and media activities.

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